Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Haven't Died. Have been to heaven.

Happy Birthday to me!
Well not for another 22 days officially but I've received a wonderful gift this evening. One of my best friends F, who is down in Brisbane from Cairns for a work related course, took me out to the Gold Class Cinema at Indooroopilly for a special preview screening of Julie and Julia. As if that wasn't good enough in itself There. Were. Party. Bags. and free drinks and a free appetiser. Of course we both needed a serious de-briefing after the movie because it was fantastic so we had "supper" down at the Pig and Whistle.
There was so much to talk about that I seriously need that week in Cairns with F (yes that where E and I are headed in November!) Without giving out too much information we NEED to cook Boeuf Bourginonne while I am in Cairns. We were wondering if this was the first movie with a blog as part of the central plot. We think blogs have no doubt been mentioned on many shows and in movies but not central to anything.
We also talked about this blog and I shared how sometimes it is a challenge to think of the positive in my life which is what this blog is all about hence the title "What Works For Me" but how the very act of thinking of the positive is a good thing in itself. That is especially true now as I am in such a period of transition and change in my life. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the changes and forget the positives.
We discussed who might be reading this blog. I have it in my e-mail signature although not in flashing lights or anything but it goes out with almost every e-mail I send.
So if you are a reader please think about identifying yourself if you are comfortable with that. You could do it publicly in the comments or send me an e-mail at .
Either way I'd love to hear from you. I don't have Google analytics or anything very technical on my blog to track who's visiting although F might introduce me to that while I'm in Cairns. So if you area reader and you don't want to be identified you won't. So don't be worried or anything. I'm just interested.


  1. Well I read it :) And I had a great time too!

  2. Glad you had a great girls night!

  3. I'm a reader but sometimes the LiveJournal thingy doesn't work so I have to post anonymously and hopefully you know which Lorraine I am. Sounds like a great night and good movie and an even better de-brief - which is what movies with friends is all about eh?

  4. I'm a reader not a blogger. I have been reading for about 4 years since I joined the SHE Flylady members group on yahoo.

    I live in Brisbane with 2 children and my husband. I check in on What Works For Me maybe once or twice a month and when there was a time that you didn't blog or you moved blogs, I found that I actually was missing the contact even though we have never met.

    Funny isn't it?



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