Sunday, October 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday October 5

Time to get into a good routine this week so I've planned the meals and written a shopping list and I'm going to stick to it as much as possible.
Monday - Sausages for boys, frozen casserole for me
Tuesday - Corny Chili - probably cooked on Monday night as it is only 3 hours in slow cooker then re-heat Tuesday night
Wednesday - Grilled chicken with salsa verde - from WW magazine
Thursday - Take Away - I'll be having my usual Vietnamese Salad
Friday - Little Athletics - some sort of substantial snack for myself and boys in the afternoon then a hamburger during the meet if I'm lucky!
Saturday - Mexican Chicken tortilla wraps - from WW magazine
Baking - Chocolate Wheaties Biscuits (cookies for my American readers!) I'm working my way through two little cupcake and cookie books I got from the goodie bag at the movies last Wednesday night.
Apricot Cake - from the WW magazine again so I have a healthy option for school lunches.
If I am super organised I might be able to post a picture of something I cook!

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