Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Inner Sanctum

It has air conditioning, my desk and computer, the TV that has Foxtel IQ and my bed. It is also a big mess most of the time because it is the command centre for laundry and many other things. So when Rachel-Anne put out the challenge on her blog I knew I had to bit the bullet and have a go at it. Mind you, not all the mess is mine but we won't discuss here the stuff that dh dumps and the debris that two little boys can leave when they camp out on Mum and Dad's bed to watch Scooby Doo or Pokemon episodes.
The photos don't show a good deal of progress however I have:
  • coralled all the clean laundry in one spot and all the dirty laundry to another
  • packed a bag with some resources for use at a school if I get called in tomorrow
  • hung up an outfit to wear if I work tomorrow
  • Put out gym gear to wear if I don't work tomorrow
  • Piled all the papers on one spot on the desk so I can deal with them in an orderly fashion
  • Put away two gorgeous knitted pieces I managed to pick up this afternoon (They were selling off samples that they no longer have the yarn for and they were $20 each or 3 for $50 so I picked up a jumper for a friend's baby and a couple of pieces for myself.)
This hopefully gives me enough peace to have a good night's sleep so I can deal with the great unknown of tomorrow.


  1. Yay! The first thing I noticed was the stuff up off the floor! That's always a great boost the the whole scene..makes everything seem bigger and cleaner even if you don't get any further than that.

    Great job, Tess! I hope tomorrow goes well, whether you work or not. Thanks for commenting with the link..that makes it fun.

  2. Our bedroom always ends up as the laundry deposit too - what's with that? Better than the living room sofa I guess. I always make a point of clearing and making the bed because as 6p said, having that large clear area makes the rest of the room seems cleaner.


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