Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Routine

School begins for me tomorrow with a Pupil Free Day and it may as well be beginning for the boys because they have to be out the door with me at the same time to be minded by my parents. A and I have had big discussions tonight and one of the topics was the need for a regular routine rather than taking each day as it comes. So I went back to a routine I planned the the start of the year, tweaked it and we'll give it another go. It means I only get one longer afternoon at school which is difficult but I need to get the boys home to do homework regularly - even D is going to have home readers this term so the trade off may have to be some weekend work and sticking rigidly to the early mornings especially when the boys have before school care.
The other big ticket items on my agenda are a regular sleep routine and getting to the gym regularly so we've got gym times in the routine. I'll report back here so people can cheer me on when I get to the gym, and cheer me on even more when I lose weight!
So here's the plan for school weeks in the McNamara household:

Mondays - Before School Care, Drop boys to Grandma and go to gym
Tuesdays - Afternoon tea at the shopping centre and library visit/small grocery shop
Wednesdays - After School Care/Staff Meeting, Gym
Thursdays - A picks up boys, Weight Watchers, Hockey Training (for the boys)
Fridays - Leave school at 3:30pm - good day for play dates!
Saturdays - Hockey at 8:30am (for the boys), Gym

Wish me luck for getting up early in the morning!

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  1. Good luck!! I know it will be hard to do but try and stick with it.


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