Saturday, July 4, 2009

Down on the Farm

We spent Monday and Tuesday nights at the Cedar Glen Farm Stay south of Beaudesert. It is something I've always wanted to do with the boys and they really enjoyed it. I relished the peace and quiet and having three square meals provided on each day of our stay. Lunch was a picnic both days and Daniel used that chance to do some creek exploring. He and Eric fell into the icy creek on both days and Anthony fell in on the second day as he was telling them to be careful. The intrepid Dan wasn't going to let a bit of cold water stop him from exploring.
Both boys fed the pigs, chooks, ducks, turkeys and sheep which was a new experience and a bit daunting for them at first but by the second night they were striding out in their gumboots like old hands ready to give it a go. Eric also had a go at milking the cow. Both boys went for a 20 minute horse ride which quite sufficient given that their previous experience consists of riding around a ring at the Ekka.
We made good use of the heaters and electric blankets at night and enjoyed dinner by an open fire. I was pleased that the boys ate some things they wouldn't normally eat but would like to have them try more different things. And you really just how good (or otherwise) your child's table manners are when they are sitting up at a properly set table with serviettes etc. Some work is needed in that department!
I think the best part for me was sitting on the verandah, with a coffee and a good book and not needing to be anywhere or do anything - there should be more of it.

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  1. Hi there,
    I went on a farmstay holiday with my husband and 2 kids to Numinbah Valley - Chigigum Farm. I went on a mission on google after reading one of your old posts where you first mentioned it. I thought it would be a great holiday for the family. Well we just got home today and had the best time. I highly recommend it. No TV for 4 days not even a newspaper. cost was $280 per night for all of us and the family had 3 boys aged 5,7 and 9. Activities included in price and breakfast and dinner. The breakfast hamper had so much food that we ate it for lunch, too.
    Had such a good time that we are going back in the summer time. If you want the details I would be happy to send them to you.


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