Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Little Angel

I finished this last night. It was my ornament for July but events around here stopped me from getting it done till August 4!

Eric is home from three days with croup and is missing his class trip to the Ekka tomorrow. He and Anthony did a midnight hospital trip last night so we've all been pretty tired today.

I took him up the road earlier to buy a sausage roll for his lunch - as he was missing tuckshop! - and we've just got back from a trip to Threads and More where I bought some threads for my August ornament and a knitting pattern and wool for a vest made of squares. It is very funky wool so I've included a picture of it. I'd like to be the same size as the model by the time I've knitted it but I don't know if that will happen. I've been trying to sort out school stuff today and as a result I've got stuff everywhere!


  1. Am looking forward to seeing the wool, I love nice yarn. Have just finished a baby beanie and started on a little jumper. I need to put a picture of the scarf I finished last week - I tried to get B to take a photo of me wearing it but it came out all blurry! - L

  2. The angel is so cute and I love that wool, if the weather wasn't picking up it might inspire me to knit something.

  3. Cute ornament, and I love the yarn you got, it will make a wonderful sweater.


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