Monday, August 3, 2009

When Working Isn't Working

On Friday I made a heart wrenching but necessary decision to resign from my position at school. I've come to a time in my life when I know I need to spend some time looking after myself and my family. I've been having issues from migraines, stress and being overweight and I need to do something about it because it is affecting my quality of life too much. And when my quality of life suffers so does that of my family. So I've changed from teacher to "stay at home Mum" for a time and I'm planning to do a year or so of relief teaching before looking for another full time position.

I'm feeling very fragile about making this move because I'm leaving behind a wonderful school community and being out on the big wide world on my own (aside from when I am at school in my "mum" role). I've been very anxious and my GP thinks I am actually grieving for what I've left behind.

Being a full time homemaker is actually a daunting prospect as I haven't done it for any great length of time before. Somehow I managed to get through a huge amount of work at school every day but I get very little done at home. Part of that is the distractions lurking around at home - it is very tempting to while away too many hours on the computer or to flop in front of TV. The routines at school are what help me keep going at school and the minimal distractions so I'm going to try to implement some routines at home as advocated by FlyLady. I've got a lot to get done to get our home and family running smoothly so I'm making lots of lists and hopefully I'll have a lot of positives to report on here.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the nurse that I see to discuss my anxiety issues and I'm planning to get stuck into Little Athletics Preparations as well as doing some housework. Organising the food is another high priority. I need to have a good look at what we've got in the cupboards and fridge and start doing proper meal planning again.


  1. Teresa, you have made a positive step forward. Never view such a decision made for your own well being as a 'step backwards'. Yes, of course there will be a time of adjustment - and days where you will wonder if you've done the right thing, but I'm sure taht these days too will become fewer and fewer.
    Set up a routine and remember to include time out to smell the roses (or stitch as the case may be)
    Best wishes on your new direction!

  2. I don't doubt it's been a huge decision for you and it's a shame you've had to say goodbye to so many positives but as you said yourself, you need to consider number one first.

  3. Great idea to use FlyLady's techniques to help you find a routine of sorts so you get what needs doing done. I like what she suggests, and the best thing is it can free up so much of your time!

  4. Tess,
    I think this is the best decision you've made with regard to your employment at the moment. I know you love your job but the current environment seemed very difficult to manage.
    I completely understand how you feel about being at home and the new angst that that involves. In addition to the Flylady routines, is there someone close by that you can buddy with to do the housework, etc. I used to do housework with a friend at her place then we would do it together at my place. It was usually all done by lunchtime and we would go out for a coffee and sandwich together after before picking up the kids feeling very productive. Because there was 2 of us, we would complete both houses in around 3 hours.

  5. Have just come across this Tess, what a huge decision - but also a brave and (IMHO) correct one. The adjustment may be disorienting and confronting, but in the long term I hope your decision will give you peace and a return to physical and mental health. (hugs)


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