Friday, August 21, 2009

A Perfectly Imperfect Life

I could have gone around my house and taken a whole host of photos like this one and that is despite Mum going on a vacuum cleaning rampage all over my house yesterday. I'm rather late in joining in the Perfectly Imperfect Life Challenge which I found on this blog. I don't have the SAHM thing together yet but it is a work in progress. I have have days and then I have days. Today has been one of those days. That's probably why I'm blogging when I could be hanging out washing, washing dishes, feeding the guinea pigs, folding washing or any number of other things.
However on closer examination there are some positive signs. I'm trying to drink my water. The pile of papers from school is right there in one spot waiting to be dealt with. My empty moisturiser jar is there and that did prompt me yeaterday to go out an buy some more of it because it is good for me. I can catch a glimpse of a handwritten letter sent to me by one of my colleagues. Even though it's tipped over I can see my cheery flower that I won during our day at the Ekka. The Post-it note on the left of screen is my MITs (most important tasks) from a few days agao but that is something I am aiming for each night. One the right of my screen I have another post-it with the times for Weight Watchers - another big priority in my life. There's two frames on the far left hand side with my Diploma of Teaching and my Bachelor of Education ready to be scanned in so I can create my on-line profile to get another job. So there's some progress. Not much progress today at all but I've been to QLAA to pick up all the requirements for Little Athletics Sign On days (do you know how many water bottles it takes to fill a Corolla?) and I've been next door and held a new born baby.
This afternoon is a play in the park and a farewell from my beloved class. I don't expect to get through it without tears but then it will be done and we can do even more moving on.


  1. Hey, looks like my desk! Except I have a layer of dust coating the hardware and chocolate smears on the curtains.
    I hope the afternoon wasn't too painful for you - Lorraine

  2. Sounds to me that, although your desk mightn't look as perfect as you'd like, you've got a sort of a system going there anyway. Lots of little prompts for what needs to be done :-)

    Hope you had a lovely afternoon with your class.

  3. Looks like a desk that says 'busy doing loads of great things' that is definitely something to celebrate!!! Thanks for joining in!


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