Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Mountain To Conquer

Rachel Anne is conquering things in her "Home Sanctuary" blog today. There are many "mountains" around here that need conquering but during this week in particular I have the Little Athletics Sign On "mountain" to conquer. Saturday will be the first sign on day and I need to have at least 100 bags of goodies packed by then and be all organised ready to sign up people. I began work today by bringing up all the things from downstairs and out of my car. Next step will be organising the registration stuff and packing the goodie bags for the two sign on days. Luckily the boys think it is very exciting to pack goodie bags and will be a great help. However this year they are intent on earning pocket money to buy more lego so there may have to be some payment involved. Whatever I pay them will be more than worth it because it is an enormous job which thankfully comes but once a year.


  1. Wow, it's that time of year again, it sounds like you're getting organised quite well with your additional helpers. Even though they're after a bit of pocket money, it's nice that they can help.

  2. My girls really enjoyed their Little Athletics - unfortunately our club lost all of our coaches and people with athletic knowledge a few years ago and it became just something to go along to. Whenever I attempted to do any coaching was told to bugger off - was sad to see kids supposedly qualify to go to Adelaide to compete and see them getting their butts whipped (as they really hadn't qualified the parents had just set it up to say they had) and disqualified. I despaired at everything and it was upsetting my kids as well (who were in the older age groups) so we pulled out. I'm sure it has all been brought back under control now - the other clubs within our radius are all going strong and are dealing with the true aspect of what Little Athletics is all about - bettering yourself and having fun.


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